Unfortunately, not. Whole Blood units are processed soon after donation to quickly separate blood components. This way, we can freeze and keep the stored plasma for up to 5 years, as well as prolonging the shelf life of the erythrocyte unit to up to 6 weeks. The performance of blood transfusions by separate components significantly reduces the risk of transfusion reactions because this way we avoid the administration of unnecessary antigens. Additionally, we manage to use blood units more efficiently, as we can treat several animals with a single donation.
Packed Red Blood Cell (pRBC) transfusions are performed in exactly the same way as a Whole Blood unit transfusion. The preparation of the unit, speed of administration and patient monitoring is the same. The only difference is better efficacy with a lower administered volume, as there’s higher haematocrit in pRBC units.
In dogs, it is advisable to blood type before the very first transfusion if you intend to use Red Cell Concentrate. However, we know that if the first transfusion is incompatible, no serious haemolytic adverse reactions will occur. In the case of Plasma and Platelets Concentrate transfusions, there is no scientific evidence of the need to type the dogs. In cats, it is mandatory to type all patients prior to transfusions with Red Blood Cells Concentrate or Plasma.
If blood typing is performed, crossmatching is only proven to be beneficial in dogs from the second transfusion onwards and when it is done after 72 hours of the first transfusion. In cats, the scientific evidence is not consensual and does not allow to clearly support the crossmatching before transfusions of blood typed animals.
Sure. You can see here our hemotherapy manual, with clear guidelines and protocols to follow for each blood component. In addition, we are available to help 24 hours a day through the usual means of contact.
First, you must create an account. An email will follow with the account credentials and instructions to access the ‘Reserved Area’ on this site. It is from this online platform that all orders are made. In emergency hours, after placing the order online, you must contact the emergency number to initiate immediate transport.
We have several transportation methods available, depending on the delivery location and urgency required: 1. Dedicated couriers with immediate deliveries (same day) 2. National ground transportation with deliveries the following morning 3. International air transportation with deliveries the following morning In addition, there’s always the possibility of collecting blood units from our facilities during working hours, or at a veterinary practice that stores units. In these instances, you should always contact us to confirm stock availability prior to collecting.
The price list can be found in the Reserved Area.
Out of hours emergency fees or unit collection fees may be charged by veterinary centres.


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