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Management Board

Inês Cardoso
Graduated in Veterinary Medicine at ICBAS-Oporto University in 2008. Have done several externships and post graduation studies in exotic animal medicine and surgery namely in Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic of Indianapollis (USA), Loro Park (Tenerife, Spain) and Vets Now Referrals (Swindon, UK). Also had special formation in veterinary pathology in NationWide Laboratories (UK). Gave veterinary assistance to several small animal clinics in Portugal and worked with Cedivet - Centro Diagnóstico Veterinário (Veterinary laboratory) as a exotic animal veterinary pathologist. Currently working as a vet in Animal Blood Bank (Banco de Sangue Animal - Oporto) since 2013 and doing a PhD about "Transfusion Medicine in Rabbits (O.cuniculli): collection, preparation and storage of hemocomponents.". Her main professional interests are exotic animal clinical pathology and transfusion medicine and their conjunction with veterinary clinical practice.
Raquel Soares
Integrated Master degree in Veterinary Medicine by the Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária, Universidade de Lisboa (FMV-UL) concluded in 2015. Curricular internship in research, microbiology and food safety, with the total duration of eight months. This intership was held in three diferent locations: in an industrial slaughterhouse of birds, in the Animal Source Food of Microbiology Laboratory of FMV, associated with the Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Animal Health (CIISA) and in the National Laboratory of Gastrointestinal Infections Reference, of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Instituto Nacional de Saúde Doutor Ricardo Jorge (INSARJ), in Lisbon. Masters thesis in Veterinary Medicine entitled: "Codetection with Helicobacter pullorum and Campylobacter spp. in poultry origen materials. Joined the Banco de Sangue Animal team in December 2015 as Veterinary in the Lisbon.


Mafalda Morais
Obtained a degree ( pre-Bologna Accord ) in Veterinary Medicine at ICBAS -UP in 2007 ( CP4374 ). Completed the curricular internship at ICBAS-UP and IBMC-Porto on Animal Behaviour regarding “ Cat-Human Interaction “. Furthermore completed an internship on the field of Animal Sanity, at LNIV , regarding “ An Epidemiological Evaluation on BSE Progression in Portugal “ . In 2008 underwent a three month technical visit in Brazil at the Rio de Janeiro Zoo, obtaining competencies on the wild animals clinical routines field. Furthermore continued the extracurricular learning in different fields of small animal healthcare and surgery by following the work routine at several clinics based in the North Region of Portugal. Started the profissional practice in 2008, always regarding the small animal healthcare and surgery fields. Between 2015 and 2020 has been working at the veterinary emergency and continued care service in healthcare and surgery at UPVet – Hospital Veterinário da Universidade do Porto. Part of it consists in training students in the final year of their Veterinary Medicine degree. From 2018 till present has been practicing her professional activity as a part of the Animal Blood Bank (Banco de Sangue Animal - Oporto) team, full-time. Her main professional interests are Feline Medicine, especially behavioral medicine and transfusion medicine. Within the behavioral area, has completed with distinction, the ISFM Advanced Feline Behavior for Veterinary Professionals course.
Marta Flamínio
Integrated Master in Veterinarian Medicine by the University of Èvora concluded in 2010. A PostGraduation in Clinical and Surgery of Exotic Animals by the Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine of the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies concluded in 2017. Having performed, from September 14, 2009 and June 25, 2010, the curricular internship in Internal Medicine and Surgery in both exotic and pet animals in the Veterinarian Hospital of Oporto. Has collaborated as a Veterinarian in the Veterinarian Clinic of Alcochete from 2010 to 2013, in the area of Internal Medicine and Surgery of exotic and pet animals. Between 2013 and 2017, has collaborated as a Veterinarian at BichoMix Veterinarian Hospital and Clinic, in the area of Internal Medicine and Surgery, being in charge of the exotic animals’ area. Since 2016, has been collaborating with the Animal Blood Bank, integrating a team since February 2018 as a Veterinarian in the big area of the city of Lisbon.
Neuza Gomes
Graduated in Nature Guides from the University of the Azores - Angra do Heroísmo Centre in 2010.
Worked as a guide at the Tapada Nacional de Mafra in 2012-2013.
As the course was very much geared towards tourism in the Azores, decided to invest in another area of her interest, that of veterinary assistant.
In 2013 she graduated from Master D in veterinary assistant and did a curricular internship at the BichoMix Veterinary Hospital, after which she joined the team in 2014.
Has been working with the Animal Blood Bank since December 2019, as part of the donation team in the Lisbon area.
Paulo Santos
An extensive experience in ths admnistration area, personal contact with national an foreigner customers and suppliers.
From a very early age he developed several activities in animal welfare.
For the last 15 years managed a non-profit shelter for dogs and cats, managing several areas as infrastructure, financial resources and national or foreigner volunteers.
Also worked as veterinarian assistant.
Helena Ferreira
Master in Veterinary Medicine from the Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICBAS) of the University of Oporto and graduated in 2017. Completed an internship in the area of Medicine and Small Animal Surgery at Hospital Veterinário animar and at University of Tennessee - College of Veterinary Medicine in the States United States of America where studied areas of Radiology, Cardiology, Anesthesia and Intensive Care. In 2018 underwent several courses in Cardiology and Internal Medicine. Between 2017 and 2021 integrated the clinical staff of Hospital Veterinário Animar. Postgraduate Student in Soft Tissue Surgery at ESAVS, The European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies. Joined Animal Blood Bank team in July 2021 and has a special interest in internal, intensive and transfusion medicine.
Alexandra Cardoso
Degree in Veterinary Nursing in 2010 from Escola Superior Agrária de Ponte de lima. Have participated in na internship at the porto Veterinary Hospital, Where she began a professional career and participated in the first valvuloplasty in  Portugal, as a scrub nurse.
Started to work in Animar Veterinary Hospital in 2011, where she performed varous clinical functions, mainly in the área of hospitalization, surgery and physiotherapy. 
In 2015, she was invited to participate in the evaluation and external accreditation of the Veterinary Nursing course at Escola Superior Agrária de Ponte de lima. 
Since 2020, is na active memberof associaton of Portuguese veterinary nurses, as secretary of the general assembly. Attendend several congresses  and training courses in the field of veterinary nursing.
Postgraduate in veterinary physiotherapy whith accreditation by the International School of veterinary postgraduate. 
She was been parto f the Animal Blood Bank Team since 2020, where she works as a veterinary nurse and specializes in hematology and transfusion medicine. Intensive care, physiotherapy and transfusion medicine are some of the subjects of interest.

Silvia Santos
With professional experience in the administrative area and contact with clients, she has always felt connected to the animal area, having actively participated in the management of a shelter, also providing support in the veterinary area. Thus, she decided to follow what motivates her and trained as a veterinary assistant, through Empower.
He likes to work in a team and has a special interest in innovation and learning. He joined the Animal Blood Bank full-time in the feline donation team in the Greater Lisbon area since October 2021.
Sara Pinto
Graduated in Veterinary Nursing from the Escola Superior Agrária of the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo.
He completed a Curricular Practice at the Hospital Referência Veterinária Montenegro, where he began his professional activity.
Later she joined the nursing team at the Porto Veterinary Hospital.
Since December 2021, he has worked in the Animal Blood Bank donation team.
His areas of interest are neurology, anesthetic monitoring and transfusion medicine.
André Cambra
Master in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Porto in 2016.
Curricular internship at Hospital Veterinari Molins (Barcelona) and Hospital ARS Veterinari (Barcelona). Several extracurricular internships in Portugal.
Attended intensive courses in the areas of emergency medicine and abdominal ultrasound and participated in several national congresses.
Has worked in small animal veterinary hospitals, and his main areas of interest are internal medicine and intensive care.
Master in Academic and Clinical Education from the University of Porto in 2022.
He has been a member of the Animal Blood Bank team since 2022.

Beatriz Quintela
Graduated in Veterinary Nursing from Escola Superior do Instituto Politécnico de Bragança in 2018.
Carried out a curricular internship at the Hospital Veterinário do Porto and at Clínica Veterinária Língua de Gato, where has worked as a nurse until 2023.
In February 2023, has joined the Animal Blood Bank team and now integrates the donation team.
Her main professional interests are intensive care and trauma, exotic and wild medicine, and animal nutrition, with a special focus on natural food and transfusional medicine.
Tânia Pereira
In 2015, has complete the Graphic Arts Technician course at Escola Secundária de Rio Tinto. That same year, worked as a geriatric assistant.
In 2016 joined the Portuguese Army because her childhood dream was being a paratrooper. She was forced to abandon the Army after a knee injury.
As she always liked challenges, she worked as a assistant at Bingo da Boavista, as a store operator at El Corte Inglês, as a sales technician at NOS, as a wallet at PGM and as a treasurer at Millennium BCP.
In 2022, joined the Prosegur team, where she worked as a securities operator, having completed training as an Administrative and Financial Assistant at this stage.
As a owner of some feline blood donors and as an animal lover (with experience in capturing, sterilizing and returning felines), she embraced the Animal Blood Bank project in 2023, joining the team as a veterinary assistant.
João Correia
Master’s in veterinary medicine from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies
(FMV-ULHT) in 2019, curricular internship at the Municipal Kennel of Lagos and Municipal Veterinary Medical Service. He developed his dissertation in "Principles of Shelter Medicine in a Portuguese municipal kennel - study of five clinical cases".
During his training he did several extra-curricular internships in the areas of clinic and surgery of companion animals and livestock animals, animal rehabilitation, internal medicine and laboratory analysis.
Developed his activity in the clinical areas of companion animals, surgery, emergencies and intensive care, as well as clinical activity of exotic animals and livestock in veterinary medical clinics in the district of Setúbal and Lisbon.
Currently works as a veterinarian for companion animals, exotic animals and farm animals at "Alpha D ́Lux Home Veterinary service".
Has been collaborating with the Animal Blood Bank since March 2023, joining the team as a Veterinarian in the Greater Lisbon area.
Patrícia Oliveira
Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro in 2015 with a special interest in spatial planning.
She worked in several companies where she held positions of warehouse employee and administrative assistant.
In 2022, taking advantage of a career break, decided to fulfill a childhood dream and graduated from Master D in veterinary assistant and carried out a curricular internship at ANIMED - Hospital Veterinário de Gondomar.
She has been part of the Animal Blood Bank team since April 2023.
Liliana Coelho
With a degree in hotel management, her passion has always been animals. Motivated by this desire, she began her professional journey as a veterinary assistant at the +Ani+ Veterinary Hospital, where for 8 years she worked as a receptionist, orders clerk, medical procedures assistant and head of the dog hotel. In March 2024 she took on a new project, joining the Animal Blood Bank team.
Patrícia Alves
Graduated in Veterinary Nursing, since 2018, from the Escola Superior Agrária of the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, completed her internship at the Santa Marinha Veterinary Hospital. In 2019, joined the team at “Clínica Veterinária Vetespinho”, fulfilling her childhood dream of working with animals. She worked for 4 years at Vetespinho, developing skills in the area of clinical nursing for small and exotic animals. Throughout this period, collaborated with associations in her area of residence, supporting integration and adoption projects for stray animals. Her areas of interest are traumatology, intensive care and transfusion medicine. In 2023, started a new project in the hotel sector for 6 months, in the Caribbean – Sth. Barth, where she acquired unique social skills. Since May 2024, has been part of the Animal Blood Bank team, integrated into the Porto donations and transportations team.


Andreia Magalhães
Degree in Biomedical Laboratory Scientist since 2013 by Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde do Porto and Master in Quality Control by Faculdade de Farmácia of Universidade do Porto in 2015. Performed several curricular internships in hospitals in the northern area, namely, Hospital de S. João, Hospital de Gaia and Instituto de Oncologia do Porto (IPO) in the areas of hematology, microbiology, immunology and clinical chemistry. Worked from 2014 to 2016 in collecting blood samples. In 2016, she begins her professional career in the human laboratory area, working in all laboratory areas and also in the context of emergency analysis in the Laboratório de Análises Clínicas of Santa Casa de Misericórdia in Vila do Conde. Joins the Animal Blood Bank team in the laboratory area since June 2021.

Ana Queiros
Graduated in Clinical Analysis and Public Health by Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde do Porto (Current Escola Superior de Saúde) in 2013. Completed several curricular internships at Hospital de São João, IPO Porto, Centro Hospitalar do Porto and Centro de Histocompatibilidade (Biology Molecular, Transfusion Medicine, Hematology, Clinical Chemistry and Microbiology fields). Did a non-curricular voluntary internship at Medicina Laboratório Carlos Torres in 2014. Entered the world of Veterinary Medicine in 2014 as a Clinical Analysis Technician at Cedivet Laboratory - Veterinary Diagnostic Center in Porto, in the clinical pathology service. Has been part of the Banco de Sangue Animal’s team since July 2021.

Bárbara Correia
Degree in Biology and Biotechnology by the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança in 2018. In 2020, she completed her Master´s Degree in Environmental Contamination and Toxicology by the Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICBAS). She developed curricular internships in research in the environmental area. She started her professional career in 2020, at Unilabs Portugal, as a molecular biology laboratory technician performing RT-qPCR tests in the identification of SARS-COV-2. She has been part of the Banco de Sangue Animal team since November 2021, in the laboratory area.
Catarina Monteiro
Graduated in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences in 2023 at Escola Superior de Saúde do Porto. Completed several internships at IPO - Instituto Português de Oncologia do Porto, at CHUSA - Centro Hospitalar Universitário de Santo António and at Affidea in the areas of immuno-hematology, microbiology, clinical chemistry, hematology and immunology. Still within the curricular scope, carried out a final course project on the quality control of CHUSA blood components and participated in an awareness-raising lecture on the Importance of Helicobacter Pylori in the context of Public Health at Escola Secundário Dr. Júlio Martins in Chaves.
Marisa Almeida
Graduated in Biology at University of Aveiro in 2009. Master in Veterinary Medicine at Institute for Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar – University of Porto (ICBAS-UP) in 2016. Completed a curricular internship in the area of Medicine and Surgery of Companion and Exotic Animals at the Zoologic Hospital Badalona, in Barcelona. Collaborated as a Veterinarian in various veterinary clinics in the North of Portugal for two years, with a main interest in infectious diseases. In 2018, embarked on scientific research projects in the field of microbiology at University of Minho and ICBAS-University of Porto. Since 2019, has been undertaking a PhD in Biomedical Sciences at ICBAS-UP, in the field of antibiotic resistance in the One-health context, covering wild animals, companion animals, production animals, and humans. Guest lecturer in general microbiology at ICBAS-UP since 2024.


Luisa Rocha
Graduated in Biomedical Laboratory Scientist by Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde do Porto in 2012. Performed several curricular internships at Centro Hospitalar do Porto and Hospital de Gaia (Immunology, Transfusion Medicine, Hematology, Clinical Chemistry and Microbiology). Worked during 2013 in a human medicine laboratory, where she performed blood samples. She started professional career in the veterinary field in 2014 to work in the laboratory CEDIVET – Center for Veterinary Diagnosis as a Clinical Analysis Technician. She has been part of the Animal Blood Bank team since December 2020 in the laboratory and blood unit processing team.
Ricardo Silva
Graduated in Biology in 2021 at University of Aveiro. His degree included an internship at Maia’s Zoo with a thematic of “Environmental Enrichment for Tigers” and also a research about the Impact of Microplastics in Freshwater Systems. Starting in 2021, he is now integral part of Banco de Sangue Animal.
Sandra Alves
Graduated in Biomedical Laboratory Scientist in 2013, by the Escola Superior de Tecnologias da Saúde do Porto. Performed several curricular internships in public hospitals across the North of Portugal, it was on the IPO – Portuguese Institute of Oncology in Porto, at Blood Bank, who acquired special interest in the area. He began his professional career at the Laboratoire de hématologie et transfusion of the Hôpital Louis Mourier, where he managed the night service. In 2021, it began to collaborate with the Banco de Sangue Animal, in the integration of the blood unit processing team. Working at BSA makes perfect sense, as it combines professional interest with the affection for animals.

Raquel Silva

Graduated in Biology from University of Aveiro in 2018 and Master in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto in 2020. Undertook curricular internships in the area of Molecular Genetics, at Centro de Genética Médica Dr. Jacinto Magalhães. Started her professional career in 2020 at Unilabs, as a Laboratory Technician, where she performed RT-qPCR tests for the diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2. Joined the Animal Blood Bank team in May 2022.

Alvaro Martins
Graduated in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences in 2020 by the School of Health of Porto, having the first contact with the veterinary area through a curricular internship at the National Institute for Agricultural and Veterinary Research – INIAV.
Post-graduated in Forensic Sciences by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto in 2022, with a dissertation project based on the theme: "The applicability of pericardial fluid in the dosage of cardiac biomarkers for the post-mortem diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction".
He started working in Biomedical Sciences at the end of 2020, in human medicine, working in different laboratories in the context of the collection of different biological matrices, including blood (phlebotomy), and in the context of point-of-care laboratory (POC).
In September 2022, he would start his duties in the Animal Blood Bank.
Paula Barbosa
Graduated in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences in 2023 by the Escola Superior de Saúde do Porto. 
Performed several curricular internships at Centro Hospitalar Universitário do São João and Instituto Português de Oncologia do Porto in the areas of microbiology, immuno-hematology, hematology and immunology and also a research about “Antinuclear Antibodies After SARS-CoV-2 Infection”. It iscurrently developing actions of volunteering with lectures on Tuberculosis: “Tuberculosis: Betting on Information, Prevents the Spread”
Sabrina Araujo
Técnica de Laboratório
Graduated in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences in 2023 at Escola Superior de Saúde de Bragança. Completed several internships at ULSAM and Hospital de Santa Maria Maior in the areas of hematology, microbiology, biochemistry, immunohemotherapy and immunology, and also at INNO veterinary laboratory, where she had her first contact with the veterinary field. In terms of curriculum, published an article “The importance of the skin microbiome in atopic dermatitis” in the first edition of the journal Trends in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences.


Ines Santos Pereira
Graduated in Psychology at Instituto Superior da Maia (2005). Animal assisted therapy technician by Fundacion Bocalán (2008), developed pioneer projects in this area in Portugal and participated as a speaker in several occasions about this theme. Has taken several courses in the veterinary medicine area and in dog training and education, area in which works since 2010. Joined the Animal Blood Bank in October 2018 and is the proud owner of one of the first dog blood donor in Portugal.

Ana Marta Silva
In 2007 she held the Technical Professional Training Course of agrarian production (animal sector) and in 2008 the CET of level IV veterinary care, because she has always been passionate about animals.
At the beginning of her professional career she went through several sectors of public services, and worked as a veterinary assistant for several years in a veterinary hospital in greater Lisbon. she took several courses in the area of veterinary medicine during her career as an assistant.
She joined the BSA team in June 2018.
Isabel Silva
With experience in the area of industrial quality, has developed a particular interest in the veterinary area, having worked as a technical assistant at the Póvoa Veterinary Clininc from 2001 to 2003. In 2004, took the Technical Analysis Technical Training Course at The School of Technology and Industrial Management - UCP. From 2005 to 2007 worked as an Analyst at the Interprofessional Laboratory of the Milk and Dairy Sector AGROS. Subsequently worked as a reference technique for the CEDIVET- Veterinary Diagnostic Center laboratory. Likes to work in team and has a special interest in innovation and learning.

Leandro Costa
Started out as a professional in the wine production industry in 2006 as a Chemical Analysis Technician, specializing in wine production until 2011. He headed the Quality Control department at the largest Angolan beverage production company, Refriango. Back in Portugal, and with the personal objective of living different experiences of curricular enrichment, he went through several companies and positions, from different sectors of economic activity. From 2013 to 2018, he found in the fashion retail industry the opportunity to develop new skills and mature those acquired so far, having been a manager at the multinational INDITEX, in Lisbon. After completing the five-year objective he had set for himself, in this company, he began a new adventure in the aviation industry as a Cabin Crew at TAP, until the pandemic set in and the sector stopped. The baggage he carries opened new doors for new experiences, but it was at the Animal Blood Bank that he felt at home. Not only because of his northern accent, but also because he has always had a close relationship with the animal world, identifying himself with the company`s values and what it represents.
Márcio Silva
Attendance at the Clinical Analysis and Public Health Course at Universidade Fernando Pessoa with curricular internship at HPP. He worked as a Collection Technician at the UniAnalises laboratory in 2005 and in 2006 at the Clinical Pathology laboratory J Fleming Torrinha, where he performed Household, stock management and support to Reception and administration.
To complement his training, he took the clinical secretarial course at the Fernando Pessoa University and Logistics Technician, with a curricular internship at Artevasi.
In 2017, he joined the Conforma team as Deputy Head of Warehouse, performing the duties of coordinator of logistics flows and the warehouse (Reception, Warehousing and Delivery). In 2018, he received the challenge of Supervisor in coordinating the logistics team at Efacec.
In 2019, he began roles as Executive Administrative Secretary at Glassdrive, in the center`s appointment control and scheduling, document processing and conferencing, and general public service.
At home, animals have always done for the family, whether they are dogs, cats, canaries or guinea pigs. In order to combat animal abandonment, he integrated the coordination of the Animal Solidarity Bank organized by Animalife, with the main function of collecting and delivering baskets for animals from families with economic problems.
It allowed him to open new doors and thus being part of the logistics team at Banco Sangue Animal was a professional and personal achievement.
Joana Vale
Graduated in Veterinary Medicine at ICBAS – Oporto University in 2003. Completed the 12 months curricular internship at Hospital Veterinário do Porto. Activity developed in consultation, hospitalization, surgery, anesthesiology, endoscopy, ultrasound, radiology, electrocardiography, laboratory, weekly medical-surgical emergency of 12 and 24 hours. Medical-surgical care for companion and exotic animals. She has worked as a Veterinarian since 2003 in veterinary clinics for companion and exotic animals. Activity carried out in consultation, hospitalization, minor surgery, radiology, electrocardiography, laboratory and emergencies. Her main interest are internal medicine, feline and transfusion medicine. Participated in the training of trainees in Veterinary Medicine, Nursing and Clinic Assistants. Participated at several congresses and seminars in Portugal. Among which stand out: “Cat Handling Program” - International Cat Care; 2nd Meeting - Hematology for clinicians by APMVEAC Porto; GIEFEL Congress - Feline Medicine by APMVEAC Lisbon; MBA-VET Training Course by IFE Porto; Intensive Course “Treating Commonly Encountered Exotic Animals” Improve Ibérica in Santarém. From 2016 to 2022 enrolled in APMVEAC - Portuguese Association of Veterinary Doctors Specialists in Companion Animals. Collaborates with Banco de Sangue Animal in Porto since October 2022, joining the team as a Logistics Technician in December 2022. Loves animals but her passion is cats!
Beatriz Fernandes
Started her professional career with customer services and went through several positions. At the end of the pandemic she decided to take a veterinary assistant course, because she was an animal lover since she was a child. It was during the course that she found out about the blood bank, and joined the logistics team one year later, in october 2023, where she felt professional realized since she was finally working in an environment she actually loves and values.
Gonçalo Araújo
Began his professional career in customer service, where he worked his way up from sales assistant to team leader. Passionate about animals since he was a child, he knew the Animal Blood Bank and started working as a logistics assistant.


Guilherme Martins
Completed the 12th year in Socioeconomic Sciences in 2014, at Escola Secundária Augusto Gomes, in Matosinhos. In the same year, joined the Armed Forces, namely the Portuguese Air Force. Did a Training in Secretarial and Service Support, directly linked to the Management of Human Resources of the Portuguese Air Force. Worked as an Assistant for the Management of Individual Processes for all Portuguese Air Force soldiers, as well as for Reserve and Retired Soldiers, and later joined the Air Force Recruitment Center, where he managed the entry of new soldiers, as well as the disclosure of all the professional and training offer that the Air Force had. In the last months of the contract decided to take a Higher Professional Technical Course (Level V) in Management and Business for Small and Medium-sized Companies, taught by Atlântico Business School, on an after-work basis, which gave him access to a curricular internship of more than 6 months at the Salvador Caetano Group, as a Human Resources Technician. Its connection to the Air Force ended in December 2021 and to Salvador Caetano in June 2022. Since then, joined a Condominium Management and Administration Company as Operational Manager, where he was responsible for the Accounting of the Buildings and where he carried out the Assemblies of Shareholders. Looking for a new experience in his professional life, and because he is very fond of animals, regardless of the species, decided to apply for the Animal Blood Bank, where performs the Administrative function, with functions, likewise, in the Logistics Area. The diversity of functions, their complexity and the importance of the BSA Group´s activity for the lives of animals are what most fascinates him in this new adventure.